Last updated: 7 June 2023 (Version 1.0.02)

This page contains the terms of service, privacy policy and imprint.


Terms of service

Flowshot Ltd (Flowstack AI) collects data on visitors to ensure a smooth and user-friendly experience. In the interest of privacy, we anonymise and minimize the amount of data collection wherever possible.

To streamline user account management, we use Google Auth. We typically only request and make use of the public versions of each social profile and/or the minimum permissions required for our applications to function correctly. This includes your name, profile photo, and email address.

We use Google Analytics to track basic metrics such as page views. We avoid collecting unique identifiers such as IP addresses and anonymise your data whenever possible. For hosting, we use Webflow and Cloudflare.

Your data can be modified or deleted on request via email.


Privacy policy

The latest version of our privacy policy can be found at this link.



Flowshot Ltd
C/O Fuel Ventures
2 Copthall Avenue
London, EC2R 7DA

Registered at Companies House
Company number: 14384788
Represented by: Christopher Lim
Email: [email protected]